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Fanuc A0-1 series stops cutting or fluctuates


Sep 27, 2008
Dresden, Tn
I have a older Fanuc (1993) with a series W 16A controller. I finally got it up and running and have sued it some but mostly for thinner stuff. Burned a 1.5 inch block the other day and it cut ok but most of it was radius and was slow. It's slow anyway as I can't use the cutting tech settings for given size material as the wire breaks all of the time if I do Best I can do on the 1.5 was about 0.026" per minute. Don't have a clue if that is good or not but according to the book I should be able to run faster.

Anyway, I tried a test piece the other day that is 3.25 thick as I need to burn a punch out for the block above. I was doing a simple test as in go in .100. over .100 and back out . If burned in fine but when it started the 90 degree burn it just stopped, as in you could here it stop burning. It would start and stop but wasn't a consistent burn. I tried turning the flush up, down, adjusted tension, Adjusted the On and Off up and down and nothing. if I turned flushing down thinking maybe the water was causing the wire to wiggle it would break wire on top. Flush heavy and it would break on bottom or in the part. I'm using 0.01 wire and have just moved the contacts and all. Here are the Power settings I normally use that work. Again if I go by the book on it with the voltage and all the wire breaks.

No Load On time Off Time Servo Voltage Wire Tension Wire Feed Water Flow

1 6 20 25 1500 6 2

1 6 12 20 1300 6 2

My Water Flow will only do 1-3 with 3 being the most pressure. The regulators will go to about 8 on the scale.

I know the machine is old and it's not going to cut like a newer one but it should still do better than this I would think. Plus cut steady instead of bouncing or whatever it is doing.

Also a friend on here sent me all of the cutting tech that is supposed to be in the EDM directory on the machine. Mine sat a long time and I guess it lost it in the memory. is there a way of re loading it other than literally typing it all in?



Jul 23, 2019
How close are your flush cups to the workpiece? Set the top one 3-4 thou above using feeler gauge.

Worth checking cables and cleaning connection. You can check if wire tension is more or less correct and settings alter it by using small luggage scale. Tie on end to the hook and pull.

I had some problems with my Sodick A325 where it was stopping during skim cuts and turned out it was due to corrupted software. Reloading software mended the problem, but I have cleaned/ indexed/ changed all power contacts, cables and guides.