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Fanuc parameter help please


Aug 2, 2005
Guys, could someone please help me out what parameter(s) I need to change.

What I need:

In MDI, I want to run:


What I need to accomplish is to index the turret to tool 1 ( already known and properly picked up ), activate it's offset, and have the ABSOLUTE coordinate display showing where it is.

What I have now is that in MDI

T101 < --- Turret indexes, but offset is not activated. ABSOLUTE display shows MACHINE coordinates
G00 X10. <--- X tool offset activated, ABSOLUTE display shows X10., but Z offset is not activated and it's coordinate remains MACHINE
G00 Z10. <--- Z offset activates, and ABSOLUTE display now shows X10. Z10.
EOF <--- Both offsets ( X and Z ) are cancelled, ABSOLUTE display reverts to MACHINE coordinate. This happens with RESET, program end or end/rewind as well.

This is a major PITA!
I have tried just about every parameter that had the wording coordinate, offset, activate or compensation in it, all for not!

What am I missing???
That is exactly how The Oi-TC, Oi-TD-Mate and the Mits works, so I know it is a normal function, I just can't figure out what friggin' parameter is doing it!

Thank You
Guys, I've figured it out!!!

There are multiple parameters that need to be changed in conjunction, and this is the combination that works:

5002 bit #2 (LWT) - 1
5002 bit #4 (LGT) - 0
5003 bit #7 (TGC) - 0
5006 bit #3 (LVC) - 0
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