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Fanuc - parts catcher turning off control?


Cast Iron
Jan 19, 2019
I have a KIA 15lms with a fanuc OiTB control.

When the parts catcher goes into the up position and before the unclamp of the sub-spindle the whole control turns off.

I need to manually get the parts catcher down to turn on the control and re-home the machine. During this process if I don't do the "O/P - Can" button trick on startup the machine will get an x over-travel alarm during the home process.

Can a faulty limit switch or something cause the control to just shut itself off? No alarm...just turns off

Any ideas?


Jun 7, 2011
Ramsey, NJ.
A few things.
There could be a part counter somewhere in the control that's tripped, turning the machine off when the catcher is activated.
There could also be a bad ice cube relay in the back cabinet.
Lastly, wiring chafing against the chassis of the machine.


Aug 27, 2002
West Unity, Ohio
My guess would be a rubbed wire taking 24VDC to ground.

Are you sure that it is the catcher, and not possibly the turret coming in to make the cut-off?
The loom to the moving turret is a swell place to rub a wire the wrong way! (very common)

To test:

1) Cycle the catcher in and out with a G99 for a while to see if that ever trips it.

If not:

2) Run the part without the catcher for a while and see if it does it.


Think Snow Eh!