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Fanuc series Oi MC Tool change issue Kent JM 450 mill

Duck Waddell

Oct 12, 2020
I have a customer with a Kent JM 450 machining Center with a Fanuc OI MC control. The battery for the control died and they did the procedure to get each axis back to home with the 1815 parameter and changing the APZ. After that was done and they went to do a tool change the Z axis went way to low for the carousel and it crashed into the side of the spindle. This is when they called me. After confirming they had the Z home in the correct location I found out if you change Parameter 1241 number that would change the Z height at tool change. I changed the number to 95500 and the head went to the correct height to do the tool change. The problem is it didn’t come up high enough for the carousel to clear the tool it put away to index the carousel so it crashed the carousel. So now I have a 1101 alarm ‘magazine not in position’ I can not figure out how to clear. I don’t think anything is damaged and I can move the carousel by hand.

So I have two things I need to know .
1)How do I rehome and clear the alarm 1101
2)How do I get the Z axis to go up high enough after it puts the tool in the carousel for the carousel to index?



Hot Rolled
Jan 3, 2019
You are covering up the initial poor job with bandaids. Put P2141 back like it was. Then Go back and do the axis origin restoration correctly.

You have tools in the magazine that presumably had offsets set for them before the origin loss. When the toolchanger worked.

You can use these values to check if the new origin jives with the old i.e. they should be nearly identical