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Fanuc series oi-TD macros clearing themselves?


Sep 12, 2022
So I am running 2 Tsugami swiss turn machines with Fanuc series oi-TD controllers. To conduct roughing after a tool change, we have macros set in macro positions 101, 102 and 104, each of which we set to 1 in order to skip a certain tool in the program to rough the part and dial in rough offsets. My one machine functioned as intended, however, on the other, I set the macro values to 1, just like on the other, but every time I run a cycle, the macros clear themselves out at the end and the field then says DATA EMPTY instead of the normal 0.000000 or the 1 that should be there. Any idea why this is happening? I was chasing offsets for damn near an hour wondering why I was getting nominal values instead of rough dimensions when I finally noticed this.

UPDATE, FIXED: I was trying to input in macros 1, 2 and 4 instead of 101, 102 and 104. It is Monday indeed.
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Feb 5, 2008
That parameter (I'm looking at a 16i book) should be 6001 bit 6 = 1 (CCV)

My opinion if you can manage it would be to move those values to variables in the 500 range, as they don't clear on reset.

I only suggest that because it is super common for the parameter to be set to clear the 100 variables, and good practice to "assume" they will be cleared.

Bonus points (assuming you don't already have a machine with the option) if you can get macros all the way thru #999, and possibly beyond (newer i series controls have options for higher macro variables)


Sep 25, 2010
Unless it is intentional, using the same 500 series variables across programs can be problematic because these retain their values.