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Fanuc Spindle Amplifier Error SP1220


Jul 14, 2023
Hello! There is a Fanuc 0i Mate Series D based test-stand for testing servo amplifiers and servomotors (servo amplifiers connects via opto-interface). I've received a spindle amplifier (Fanuc aiSP 30 A06B-6111-H030#H550) for testing (which does not have an optical input, and which I connected directly to the control board with a JA7B <-> JA41 cable). In the settings, the parameters were set according to the instructions that were attached to the test-stand. When the stand is turned on, the spindle amplifier turns on, the green LED on it lights up and two horizontal lines flash on the seven-segment indicators, but error SP1220 appears on the stand. It seems like the stand does not "see" connected spindle amplifier.



Info from customer: "When tested on the EMAG machine, the drive behaves as follows: When reaching the zero position, the motor, as usual, makes three revolutions at a slow speed, while the coordinates on the CNC display change and reach the required value. After that, the spindle should turn three times at high speed and go to the zero position, and it twitches a little and stops. At the same time, there are no errors on the drive board and CNC display. Another drive at this location is working properly."

P.S. JA7B <-> JA41 cable seems to be ok, I checked it according to pinout.

P.P.S. When spindle amplifier initializing on the customer's CNC system, spindle motor makes three rotations and change of coordinates can be observed. So I made a conclusion that the signal coming from the motor sensor is processed on the amplifier and transmitted to the CNC via the data bus, so data bus on spindle amplifier should be ok.

What the problem could be? Thanks.