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FANUC Support - help, can't reload PMC file!


Feb 14, 2013
portland, or
Hi All,

This is half technical question and half rant about recent FANUC support...

I'm a one-man hobby shop with a couple FANUC controlled machines, though one controller has given me fits occasionally. This one's a 2007 Sharp SV2412 that made nice parts until its Oi-Mate C controller wore out its SRAM. I bought a replacement SRAM chip and installed it, but now when I go to upload my backup system files I can't get past the SYSTEM MONITOR MAIN MENU screen on boot-up. It just won't take my edits when transferring the PMC & parameter files and always boots to the SYS MON menu page. I called FANUC for some tech support hoping to get the secret to reloading my backup and got the reply that they'd have to send a service tech out to do the job. This is a software issue, I told them - we shouldn't need a tech call for uploading backup files. I've done this before. Seems like a few years ago they'd just talk me through tech issues like this on the phone. They wouldn't budge. I get it, FANUC doesn't want people accessing the deep internals, turning on options that they didn't pay for. On the flip side, though, I just want my machine back up like it was. I think I have a right to repair it myself.

Is anyone else getting a hard time from FANUC tech support?
Does anyone know the secret and wants to share with me some tech magic?
Makes me miss my old Haas... sorta.
Centroid time?