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Fanuc T14iAL robodrill spindle repair issue


Nov 9, 2021
I have this 1998 robodrill with an 8k spindle that I fucked up and crashed with the tool holder melting into the taper and the collet that grabs the pull stud getting messed up.

My issue is that I tried getting the spindle and drawbar out of the machine but when I popped the cover off it looks like the spindle bearings are sitting directly in the head casting of the machine, there is no spindle cartridge?

On top of that I can't find a manual that mentions how to take it apart and the inside of the headstock is built different from most cartridge spindle robodrills.

I've attached some pictures. this is very dumb, do I just loosen everything bolt up and try and pop the spindle and bearings out?


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Not sure on an 8K spindle, my 15k spindle was a separate cartridge. Remove the bolts from the bottom where its bolted to the Z housing, loosen the grub screw at the front just below the inspection plate hole. Remove bolts to motor and i think the drawbar arm( cant remember exactly). Whole unit slides down. Your pics show you have removed the very bottom tool change gear, bolts for cartridge are further up.20210615_104608.jpg
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Lmao yeah it's been awhile. I'm baffled 2 5mm bolts holding that drive key is what spins the spindle. And it does it thru the draw bar!
my 98 is a 12,000 rpm spindle, just got quoted $3500 to rebuild it....
I wonder if I can make stuff to make it thru spindle coolant and rebuild myself