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Fette Head Suddenly Not Working


Aug 27, 2002
West Unity, Ohio
3 roll endworking head.

Bought new (NOS?) some years ago.
Have ran 10's of thousands of parts through it. (all the same part)
Never had any issues, 'till this evening it all of a sudden won't work.

It seems like it doesn't want to pull out while rolling, and is actually pulling the part out of the chuck in stead!

I have adjusted the offsets seven ways for Sunday. (although it's only Monday)
I have even loosened the whole holder up to let it float, still no go.

I have had it all apart, and cleaned up a little galling on the [ends of the] rolls, but nothing too bad.

Looking at the parts in the tray, it looks like it was absolutely fine, tossed one semi questionable part, and then - out went the lights! (Douglas?)

What I have found is that the little wire that retains the center (sun?) gear, is missing.
Obviously it must have worked it's way out over time... (?)
Playing with it - it does kind'a seem that if that gear isn't up tight - it can git out of square easily and as far as I can tell, it must be getting caught cocked in the bore, and doesn't want to spin free.

Has anyone had this happen and can confirm my situation?

Chips got dumped while I was dinking with it, so can't go back and dig through those really....


Think Snow Eh!