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Few thousand small pins to drill on a mill; automatic loading with the spindle?

Jan 15, 2005
The Netherlands
A long U shaped ramp which can hold numerous parts Ending near the vice
Then 2 small air cilinders to unload one part at a time
Let it roll right in position in the vice
If that is not working use a cilinder to push it into position And then a cilinder on that first cilinder to push it onto a ramp ending in a bin
But for just 3000 ????



Cast Iron
Jun 10, 2009
Anaheim, California
Make some simple trays that load a few hundred of them, if you have enough table space, and pick them up and load them into your pneumatic vise with a Schunk parallel gripper loaded in a tool holder. Especially easy if you have thru spindle coolant or thru spindle air but there are ways to run it from the outside as well.

Gripping Systems

Brother with Spindle Gripper - YouTube

A magnet might be pretty effective though and extremely cheap. Worth giving it a shot.