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FH6800 showing wrong pallet no.


Mar 9, 2013
Hi all,
We have a FH6800 with the Fusion 640m control that has a weird issue. For whatever reason, it is showing pallet no. 1 on the control screen whereas pallet 2 is actually in the machine. If you do a pallet change, the opposite happens.

The machine is part of a FMS (built by Fastems, not a Mazak-FMS-system) and thus the WPCs are loaded according to which fixture is placed and on which pallet. In other words, since it thinks the opposite pallet is inside, it will load the wrong WPCs. To clarify: there are two pallets on the machine, both have a SCHUNK zero-point-system installed and fixtures are constantly placed on and off these pallets.

Noone has a clue how this has happened but either way, we want to adjust the pallet number in the control, so the pallet number on the control matches the pallet inside the machine. Can anyone walk me through the procedure on how to do so? We have tried via MDI but no luck. Perhaps its some parameter we can adjust? Or via the MRJ2 software?

Mazak has been too busy today to help us, hopefully someone here has an idea. Thanks a lot in advance!