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First of a lot of Bridgeport parts to move on to other owners


Apr 2, 2005
When I started my shop back in '98, I bought out the remnants of a couple of local small shops. There are actually a few boxes that I have not gone thru previously. Time to do that and make more space in the basement. There are a few boxes of Series 1 Bridgeport parts. I have no idea of the condition, but from what I see, it is all usable, although some of it exhibits storage wear, i.e. surface rust. I am not going to clean anything up, repair anything, nothing except pack and ship.

1. Adapter pivot pin (the one for head tilt front to rear) p/n 20661028 with the circlips. Looks like new price is $70, how about $25
2. Bijur manual lube pump. I never had one of these that I was not able to make work just fine. The problem is usually a plugged screen, filter, or more than likely the check valve ball is not seating. A good cleaning is all that I ever did to one of these. This one is dirty, How about $20 as is.
3. Table crossfeed bearing bracket with bearings part number 2060082 Recent eBay sale at $140, which totally amazes me, $50 for this one.
4. Set of 4 leveling screws and nuts, these look unused, but have a bit of surface rust which should clean up nicely in only a few minutes, 3/4-10 x 8 inches long, flats milled one end, pointed other end to locate on spot-drilled hole on a pad. We used to tap the corner holes in the Bridgeport bases and use these to level the machines. $20 the set
5. Oil cup, this is for a step pulley head I believe, will probably work anywhere with a bit of modification. Needs a pipe cleaner wick $5
6. Quill feed handle, standard. Looks like someone has reefed on this one pretty good. Straigntenable. $15
7. Quill feed handle, quick adjust. Always kept a few on hand, this one looks new and Made In USA!! $25

Have more pics, just ask.

More to come......


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Bridgeport parts. I have priced all of these by looking at the prices sold for on eBay and trying to price my stuff a bit lower. It is usually kind of hard to sell items like these as one needs to wait until someone else needs them more than you want to get rid of them. But, I would like to move this stuff on and free up shelf space, so if there is anything I have listed for sale that you are interested in and believe that I have overpriced it, please feel free to make an offer,