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FN 49..........where to find it's value

david n

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What's a good resource to get a value/info on this FN49? I'd say fair to good condition............. Not many out there right now and the ones I find are all over the place in price.............Chambered in 3006. This one was made for the Columbian Gov't................most of the info on the receiver ring can't be read, but I can make out Columbia........low serial number..........in the 900's...........

Guns like this are pretty difficult to price because of their limited number and number of people that even know about them or care. I have a FN49 that is also chambered in .30-06 from Luxemburg. I paid about $850 sometime back around 2009. It was also in immaculate condition. I even managed to find the spigot grenade launcher attachment for it. I just looked it up and saw that one in similar condition sold at Rock Island Auctions for $2800, then another forum post where a guy traded 3 SKS's for it.

This is part of the reason I don't plan on selling my guns, because it's so hard to determine what a "fair" price would be. I just know what I'm willing to pay for what I want.


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What a "fair" price would be.

... it's so hard to determine what a "fair" price would be.

A "fair" price is whatever the buyer is willing to pay and whatever the seller is willing to accept. No charity is necessary and there is nothing wrong with getting $2800 for one even if you only paid $850.

Kurt Learning

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There are guide books on the value of firearms. They are useful, but you need to learn a few things.
First, understand condition. Like coins and autos it is the language of commerce.
A fair condition rifle is not likely shootable and is likely best suited as a garden stake.
Yours appears to be in very good condition.
Take it from there with a printed price guide.


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As with Ebay I watch closing prices to gauge true market value.
There are lots of sold lots of this rifle on Gunbroker to see how the pricing has been going.


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There is a forum called the falfiles which is pretty good about valuing these. join up and search their marketplace. I had an Egyptian not as nice as yours I sold 4 years ago with a lot of spare parts for 800. Id say yours is at lease 1k or more.


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Three places to gather price data. As said, gunbroker. Do an advanced search on completed items and pay particular attention to finish. Finish is everything. After finish is contract. Luxembourg is the top of the food chain. Ignore anything that has not sold. Most listings never sold so prices are dreams.

Next is blue book. This is more for sorting variants than price because values may not be updated for 5-10 years.

Last is true gun value. Look at each pic and description as they are not careful about mixing models.