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Follow rest on eBay


Feb 19, 2002
Peralta, NM USA
There's what appears to be a 10EE follow rest on eBay at a decent price:

No telling if it's old height or new height but it looks exactly like mine.
Looks like a round-dial rest to me. The number stamped on the rest's leg is probably the casting number. Hard to read, but maybe EE1665. If so, that would be a an early part number, maybe even Sundstrand era. The part number for the square-dial follower rest is EE2921 (see square-dial parts sheet 112).
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Thanks for the tip. Given i just picked up a 1942 round dial, i shot him an offer. We'll see what happens.


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Good eye. I always get excited when I see square dial follow rests for sale, then quickly remember that none of them will clear the DRO scale on my lathe. Except the new one from Monarch, but I haven't even bothered to ask the price of one of those.