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For Sale: 2015 Brother Speedio R450X1 and 4th axis


Aug 27, 2021
Hi all,
Have a brother R450X1 for sale in Mesa, AZ

4th axis T200A
16k Spindle
22 tool ATC
Through Spindle Coolant prepped
2 Blum Nano Tool Setters/Breakage detection
Manual Pulse Generator
Includes MistAway Mist collector

Will include holders. Have about 18.

5507 operation hours on the mill.
I believe only a couple hundred on the rotary. Rotary is from 2020.
This is my old 450. Solid machine. I ran it non-stop for a few months before that job got shut down. Never had one single hiccup.
The rotary does have very low hours.
Is this the machine that had a robot loader on it? I remember reading a little about you having a loader on a Speedio.
Has this sold?
Looking like maybe he finally did sell it. I can't find it listed anywhere. Good for him. Took way too long.
Although, he was quite high on his asking for machine only. Early on he wanted more than he gave me for it with two brand-new 4th's in it.
Maybe even better, he may have found work for it! That is always the better option in my book!
My R650 has been sitting almost a year while I try to find work for it. At least its paid for. :rolleyes5::crazy: