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For Sale---9" South Bend (Metric and SAE) 48" Bed


Hot Rolled
Apr 21, 2010
northeastern Pa, USA
Continuing to thin the herd. Up for sale is a gem. A 9" South bend workshop lathe.
Serial number 167360. 48" Bed Model 644 A

Horizontal Drive--12 speed 1/2 HP 120 volt
5" 3 jaw chuck with extra jaws
6" 4 jaw chuck
6" Face plate
5" Dog plate
Spindle thread protector
Spindle Morse adapter
Collet sleeve
Collet drawbar
7 collets
2 Jacobs drill chucks for tailstock
Complete set of METRIC transposing gears with the factory installed thread chart on the gear cover
Spacer for the transposing gears.
Milling attachment
Lantern tool post with a few holders--some HSS and brazed carbide cutters
Starrett precision level (old with angle indicator)
Brown and sharp 0-1 mic (old)
New serpentine belt- The one on the machine is laced with clips just for a trial run.
Original paperwork that came with the machine when bought. No sales slip.
This machine has the frosting worn light on about 10" of the ways. No ridge whatsoever.
Right now I have it mounted on a table top for testing and show. This machine was not repainted. It was not chemically cleaned. I have some pictures of the gear box and apron that show just how clean this machine was kept. I blew more sawdust off than metal chips. In fact I think I made more metal chips than the original owner just testing it. No thread dial.
Make a bench and have fun with this as it is like new.
Priced at $1350.00 for everything you see in the pictures associated with the lathe. There is a pile of transposing gears on Ebay right now without the gear cover or chart for $550.00.
You can come and get it in North East Pa Zip Code 18225. PM me with any questions.
I will not separate any of this stuff. It all goes as a package!!! More pics in following Posts.



Hot Rolled
Apr 21, 2010
northeastern Pa, USA
More pics as promised.


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Jun 30, 2013
20 miles north of Buffalo NY

Thanks again Tom for your efforts! I finally got home 10PM, ~600 mile round trip with only 3 hrs sleep the night before.

It'll take a day or two to get it in the house and setup. I gotta get some sleep first. I'll keep you updated. Thanks again!