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FOR SALE: Another clean-out refugee (Drill Press)

Joe in NH

Jul 28, 2007
Stratham, Cow Hampshire
This one a small tabletop Buffalo Forge Drill press. Nice shape although shop dusty. 10" swing (i.e. will drill to the center of a 10" disk.) Now driven by a fractional horsepower motor (non-reversible?) via a v-belt. Except for missing two 5" tight loose pulleys this could be "reverted" to flat belt drive as all the belt shifter components are there.

About 3' tall, can be picked up by one person if they get their stance and their grip correct. (i.e. weight about 75lbs.)

It has the added feature of a tapping head attached, apparently to augment the "machine shop ephemera" alongside its partner the Putnam Lathe. A reversible motor would make this feature fully functional.

Unlike the ephemera partner, this one is "plug & play" except for that reverse issue.

I made the comment the tapping head was worth as much as the rest of the drill press. But the seller is willing to take the usual DP price of $75 for both. Open to offers.

Located currently in Manchester, NH - but could be delivered to Dublin Gas & Steam Engine Show to be held September 8,9,10 in Dublin NH.

Joe in NH