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For sale Deckel FP 3Active

Jan 15, 2005
The Netherlands

Toolroom milling machine Deckel FP3 2201 Active
Travels XYZ: 500-300-380mm
Spindeltaper: Iso 40 S20x2
Spindelspeeds: 40 tot 2000
Tablesize: 420x800
With Active DRO on 3 axes Heidenhain TNC 113
Angle table
Quill hor and vert
Powerfeeds and rapids on all 3 axes by means of a DC motor
Motor 3 Kw
YOM 1979
220Volt 3ph 50Hz with transformer 380-220 volt 3ph
The machine is in good working condition
Askingprice is €15250
I estimate $18000 to your doorstep in the US (Depends a bit on location )Crated
Additionally we have some accessories for the machine
Deckel FP3-2201 13.jpg


Deckel FP3-2201 11.jpg