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FOR SALE: Haimer 80.960.00.IN 3D Taster NIB

bjorn toulouse

Dec 26, 2007
N.E. oHIo, USA
Haimer Zero Master 80.960.00 With 10mm mount shank

Smallest 3D-Sensor worldwide with equal fuction and accuracy as the universal 3D-Sensor!
Ultimate edge-finder, Zero-finder and Indicator tool.
Perfect for milling machines and EDM.
The housing is shortened and does not protrude far out of the spindle so even big workpieces can be measured.
Adapted for small machines but can be also used on machines with ISO 30 or with small HSK spindles.
Probe tips are compatible to all other Haimer 3D-Sensors.
Made in Germany.
Free shipping in CONUS
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