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For Sale (info Wanted) Prentice Bros vintage Lathe - not sure of condition (Chicago)


May 12, 2022
Hello Folks - hoping for to sell a lathe that was my fathers. I do not have much information on it, but I would welcome anyone who can give me a decent asking price as well.

I am selling quite a few tools, but the lathe I know nothing about (linking a facebook listing below, but also attaching pictures of the lathe here).

I would love any feedback you have on asking price, and please do reach out if you have any interest.

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M.B. Naegle

Feb 7, 2011
Conroe, TX USA
I think your asking price is fare, but it really just depends on what's available in the area at the time, condition, and what comes with it. IMO, it helps to do a separate ad for the "big ticket" items, and just note in there that there's other stuff available, as opposed to doing one general add. Lots of pictures help. Overall shots of the machine to give a better idea of it's size and condition. Some guys will know exactly what it is when they see it, others are figuring it out same as you, so the more information you can give, the better chance you'll find the right buyer.

Extra tooling is a big plus for machines like lathes. There are components that are considered "part" of the machine even though they are not attached to it. It can be hard to do if you're not familiar with them, but some buyers will be helpful in this regard. There's a concern that you'll have some jerk try and tell you that the welder is part of the lathe, but in my experience it's easy to tell the cheap-skates from the guys who are just trying to get a complete machine. Offer to let them look through the "unknown" stuff and if it looks like a fare deal, you'll both be happy. You can also google for general pictures to help identify things, Like "chuck, tool post, steady rest, follow rest, change gear, etc." Loose lathe stuff can be sold on it's own, but only if you have time and know what you have. Including it with the machine might not raise the price much, but it'll cement a sale better and attract more committed buyers.