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Dec 27, 2007
Bridgeport M-Head with Anilam Digital Screen, 14 1/2 South Bend Lathe w/ collet set up "very clean", Powermatic model 86 vertical band saw, Do-All 6x12 surface grinder, Harig 6x12 surface Grinder, Lots of carbide,Reamers,Taps,Spinning Head, Optical Wheel Dresser,360 Vise, and much more, too much to list. All Equipment is in nice shape and clean. $4000 will load on truck.Located in Central Il. Thanks Caleb Peters
Amazing pricing. If anyone in MD is interested in splitting some of this stuff and sharing the cost to ship I would be interested.
Beware of Admin.5

Be careful, I posted something like this and got the thread locked because I wasn't explicit enough on the lead in thread

Just saying
Well I PM'ed the guy yesterday and have yet to get a response. With only 9 posts he might be awhile getting back.

Time will tell.

If I go look it over I will take the camera.

I would be interested in buying a surface grinder if it's in good shape. Either the Do-All or the Harig.

If somebody wants to shave off $500 from the overall price and doesn't need one of the grinders. I would need to see some pictures and know that it's operational and in good shape.
I am close by and have cash. If this is a serious post, contact me at [email protected]

If I do not hear from you within 24hrs of 12pm midnight central time 7/10/2010, forget I offered and please do not contact me.

Not trying to be a dick, just don't like to play games.;)

Working on getting the pictures posted on the equipment,bare with me as I learn how to post pictures on here, might have to email them to each individual interested. Thanks Caleb

after writing your post, submit, THEN, go to edit post, go to advanced, then click on the attatchment icon, then you can add pics.

it has to be done that way each time you post a pic, it will allow you to post 5 pics.

I had the same problem as everyone else does....it's just some kind soul took the time to walk me through it .....So, now I am paying it forward.

good luck

wow Caleb that sounds like a heck of deal, I hope you find the young keen guy who can use all this.....before i acquired stuff the slow way, and for many multiples of 4k, i would have run through walls for your deal
Here are some of the pictures


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For an additional $2500 I will include a V300Pro Invertec Tig Welder w/ bernard chiller w/ filler rods and spare torches and consumables,Remline Bottom Chest,Machinist Top Box full of measuring tools,edge finders,ethalon and mitutoyo mic sets, 12" calipers,Starrett Height gauge, brown and sharpe indicators,parallel sets,precision levels,lots and lots of nice tools. Lots of Interapid Indicators too.


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I wanted to follow up on this a long time ago but unfortunately never did.

I went to visit Caleb and took quick video of his shop and machinery for sale.

I was mainly interested in a grinder and I still am.

Not sure what the status of the sale is, but if he does part out the machines I see quite a few PM members listing wanted messages and what they want sometimes is a machine in this package.

I still need to download the video and then post to Youtube, but for now I wanted to bump the thread and also say that all the machines were working when I went to visit. I'm no expert so condition is at worst "working".

Will download video next week, if it's sold well sorry about the bump.