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For sale Square D QO 30-space single phase main lug panel


Feb 27, 2001
Redwood City, CA USA
This panel was a subpanel in my garage shop until I upgraded to a bigger panel.
It is a QO130L200 main lug panel with cover. It has conventional neutral and ground bars, and no plug-on neutral capability. It is rated max 200A.

I also have a bunch of tandem QO breakers that I did not swap over to my new panel.

5 each 20+20
4 each 15+15
1 each 15+20

Asking $80 for the panel and breakers plus shipping.
Asking $65 for the panel without breakers plus shipping.
Asking $30 for the breakers alone plus shipping.

You can estimate shipping based on about 40 lbs from Zip 94025.