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For Sale Tree Journeyman 310/Millennium 3100 with an Anilam 1400 control


Dec 27, 2008
Tree Journeyman 310/Millennium 3100 with an Anilam 1400 control. $3250

Fully functional. Prior to us it appeared to have had an easy life in a prototype mold shop and didn't look like it got used much. Can easily be powered up for inspection. CAT30 with 14 various toolholders, some new Kennemetal, some used. Kennametal toolholder block and wrench. Tree manual, Anilam manual, Allen Bradley PLC manual, Allen Bradley PLC pocket programmer, spare PLC. We used it with Mastercam uploading files through a serial port. No external PC is included. It had limited use here and what use it did get was mostly aluminum.

The machine is now on a pallet near the door and could be rolled on to a tilt trailer with a little winch/come along help. The fork we have onsite is too small for this. A larger fork is available at another site but would require a trailer rental to bring it here.