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Found a list of tools for sale on the web..including 2 BP's and a Monarch 10EE

Fred White

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May 3, 2003
Overland Park, KS

>>About a year ago, my father passed away and left our family with a Machine Shop full of machines and tools to sell - so click on over to the MACHINES section and browse thru the pictures and feel free to email or call me with any questions or for a price. I have higher-resolution pictures and if you are close to Cleveland, Ohio you can stop by for a visit to inspect the machines before investing. Thanks for stopping by, PAT 440-821-5948

( I have no involvement with this individual...I'm posting for board members benefit )

Machines FOR-SALE
Wickliffe, Ohio, USA
Pat Picciano 440-821-5948

Machines FOR-SALE - Wickliffe, Ohio, USA Pat Picciano 440-821-5948
# Name Age Value Firm Notes
1 Hitachi-Seiki VM40 Vertical Machining Center 8 $25,000.00 9 Not running - reload parameters, retest.
2 Microstar Horizontal Center 5 $40,000.00 5 Like-NEW!
3 Goodway - Fanuc Horizontal CNC Center 12 $10,000.00 5 Well-used, but a very strong runner.
4 Ikegai - Fanuc FX-20N Horizontal Center 30 $8,000.00 6 Has a problem with a power relay, but is repairable and functional.
6 Bridgeport Vertical Mill w/Slotting Head $1,500.00 Good condition - with Newall Digital Readout and Power-Feed.
7 Bridgeport Vertical Mill w/Power Drawbar $1,250.00 Good condition - with Sony Digital Readout and Power-Feed.
10 Webb Lathe - 17"x59" - 5HP with SteadyRest $5,000.00 Good condition - with custom chipguard/tooling holder top.
11 Monarch Lathe - 10EE - 20" x 12.5" Swing $3,000.00 Old war-horse lathe - still runs good, variable speed, tough as nails.
12 Elgin - Large Cylindrical Grinder - 10x42 $1,000.00 Old long grinder, well used, hydraulic feeds still work.
13 Cincinnati Cylindrical Grinder 10x32 $1,000.00 Nice smaller grinder, good precision.
14 Wayne Air Compressor - 5HP $1,000.00 New motor about 6 years ago.
15 Sand-Blasting Cabinet - 48"w x 24"dp $750.00 3-Door Cabinet, with evacuator unit
16 8-Steel Drawer Storage Center with Drum Rack $500.00 Useful arrangement keeps drums off the floor.
17 Abrasive Cut-Off Saw $200.00 Harig ChopSaw - needs new blade - cuts anything.
18 Walker-Turner 2-Wheel Grinder on cabinet $150.00 Cabinet with coolant tray.
19 2 Surface Grinders $1,000.00 with magnetic chucks - some guards missing.
20 DoAll BandSaw with Blade Welder $1,500.00 Needs some works to be fully functional, but runs OK.
21 Leonard Grind-R-Lap Diamond Wheel Grinder $300.00 with worklight and oscillating action
22 Screw Machine #1 - Setup to make strikers $1,200.00 TsugamiFuji - setup and running - works good.
23 Screw Machine #2 $750.00 ShunYung - newer setup, but tested a few years ago - runs.
24 Hardinge 7x26 Horizontal Mill $2,500.00 Nice old, small mill - great for small shops, seldom used.
25 Lift Truck $2,500.00 We would like to hang onto this lift truck until all machines sell.
26 Tool Boxes and Tools $5,000.00 Some tools & boxes have been sold.
27 Tool Drawers and Contents $2,500.00 Fully stocked - lots of screws, nuts, bolts, parts, etc, etc.
28 Drill and Reamer Lazy Susan with Tools $1,000.00 Good condition - full of drills, reamers, endmills, chamfer tools, etc.
29 Safe $500.00 Saved from scrap once already, fair shape.
30 Heller K315 Hydraulic Saw $300.00 Well-Used tough saw that will cut thru anything.
31 Troyke 15 inch Rotary Table $300.00 Good shape, seldom used.
4/6/2008 - 2:40 PM Machines ForSale Price-List - 4-6-08-A.xls