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FP1, "Oldest" vertical head type, lubrication


Jul 4, 2020

I have MK1 vertical head with BOTH oil and grease nipples (photos). I've disassembled and cleaned head parts, apart from spindle internals - it looks and rotates OK so I didn't opened it's bearings.

Oldest user manuals I could find are FP1 from 1938 and Alexander from similar age, but they don't specify which grease type to use for "F"?
Also, how the bevel gears are oiled, should I put some grease there?


"The upper anti-friction bearings of the vertical-milling head are lubricated with grease. A high*-pressure grease gun is supplied with the machine, and through nipple F the grease is forced Into the anti-friction bearings. The lubrication must be repeated after 200 working hours.
The lower cutter spindle bearing, which is designed as a slide bearing, is fed with oil through lubricator K. When using the milling head, lubricate according to requirement. Excessive lubrication will result In an intense heating of the bearing.
The bearing of the driving shaft is to be oiled from time to time through oil duct S. For this purpose first remove the screw."



Thanks for helping...