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FP1 rapid traverse not working


Oct 6, 2022
I brought home a Deckel FP1 last year.
Nice machine - well maintained and little wear.

The only issue is the rapid traverse.
It will only move an inch or so before it abruptly stops (see video below). This affects the traverse on all axis.
The power feed works fine at max speed 500 mm/min.

I have inspected the brushes and commutator and measured the tacho output. Checks out fine.
Another potential culprit is the servo driver board. I've checked the components (diodes, resistors, caps etc.). The original electrolytical capacitors all checked out fine, tested with ESR-meter, but I nevertheless decided to replace them with new high-quality caps.
I did not check the op-amps. This can be done but is a bit more involved..

Some basic specs:
- YOM 1992
- TNC 113
- Siemens brushed DC motor for power feed.

Here is a 50 sec video that demonstrates the problem.
Rapid traverse stops

Any suggestions how to troubleshoot this?



Dec 13, 2002
Benicia California USA
Don't have any suggestions, but think it might be more helpful to someone if your video shot something other than your finger pressing the button,,
How about a shot of the DRO scales (all) and the setup of the selected buttons on same,

Think it might be informative to reset the fed axis to zero on each cycle to see if the move was exactly the same.
Did notice , i think, that the DRO is not set to incremental or absolute....(indicator lights not lit) not sure but think you have to be running one way or the other.
Will teh machine execute a programmed move in feed to an exact distance that you can vary....
Does not look like an electronics issue, but rather the feed motor is being commanded to stop under the rapid move.


Oct 6, 2022
Thank you for getting back to me.
Much appreciated!
I agree my videography has room for some improvement. Will see if I can make a better video by dimming the shoplights and aim the camera at the DRO/console buttons.

Normally I don't use the incremental or absolute automatic positioning. I briefly tested it when I got the machine and haven't touched it since.
Instead I work in Manual mode (button with the hand symbol).
The attached image shows the state of the DRO prior to the rapid feed failure. Three lights are lit and the white + blue button have been engaged.
The rapids should work with this setting AFAIK.

I plan to visit the shop this weekend and will run some tests as per your suggestion (check if it moves the same distance consistently + test programmed moves).



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Oct 6, 2022
Quick follow up on this one.
I tested the active feature as suggested by AlfaGTA.
By simply pressing the orange buttons for incremental and absolute positioning the rapids came back to life!

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature? In any case the rapid works fine in manual mode now (same DRO settings as first video).
Very happy about that!
Rapid traverse in working order