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FP4 For Sale

Rob F.

Aug 5, 2012
California, Central Coast
Here is text from add, pictures there also, it is a NC machine. Located in
Ottawa, Ontario.

Deckel FP42NC Milling Machine Minimum bid: 500.00 Closing date: 03-December-2019 @ 8:10 a.m. EASTERN TIME Remaining: 2 days 21 hours 50 minutes Quantity: 1 (unit(s)) Description :
Deckel Milling Machine - 2019-068

Model: FP42NC
Serial number: RA 0046
Manufacture date: 1985
380 Volts
16 Amps
3 Phase
Includes some tooling
Includes transformer
Includes secondary control panel
Serviceability is unknown
May require unknown repairs
Being sold for parts


Sep 6, 2008
Yup, Ross bought a mill from the same shop. At one point this shop had six Deckel mills that I'm aware of, plus a good amount of other machines. And yes, Bob, you and I paid for it and I doubt we got our money's worth.

This mill is an FP42NC Dialog 4. Not a FP4 which is a very different beast. Think of this one like a FP3L with primitive CNC.

Hoping Ross does buy it, just to see his usual fantastic pics of getting it back into service. :-)



Dec 13, 2002
Benicia California USA
Perhaps too late, but indeed i did purchase an FP4NC from the same government auction setup.
Good experience! Great local rigging company that handled the removal and shipping of my machine at reasonable cost.
Shipped with a Canadian trucker as part of another load....Came in a reefer truck...I was careful to warm and dry out the machine before applying any power.
Some different maintenance approaches on my machine....Cord fro the MPG has been replaced with an armored cable (not coiled flexible cord as original)

Machine was in great shape mechanical aside from dead bellows on the "X"

The one offered has the desirable Dialog4 control. However it is the first gen of the FP42NC, having the vertical head setup similar to the manual FP4.

If you need a large capacity machine this would be a nice choice.....Moving column machine, table is stationary. Dialog 4 control best of the Dialog electronics, reliable very user friendly.

Cheers Ross

Ashok Bhimani

Dec 29, 2019
Hi guys,
Ashok from India,would like to buy old machines of Devkel make,could you give me the mail address or tel nos from whom you bought your Deckel,could buy for spares,thanks in advance