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Fred Dibnah

I used to work for a bloke who could have played Fred Dibnah in a film. He was his double in every way. Same build, Lancashire accent, greasy flat cap, strong as an ox. He was a top engineer but completely crackers. I had many an argument with him over how we were going to do jobs, but I couldn’t fault his skills. He could cause trouble in an empty house.

The chimney he felled by undermining and fire was about a mile from where I live. When I was a kid the town was a forest of chimneys all allied to textile mills. They’ve nearly all gone now.

Regards Tyrone
Fred had pretty wives too but his love for a pint and his love of steam eventually caused trouble...Truly amazing man... Cheers from Louisiana; Ramsay 1:)
The guy I mentioned had a pretty wife. She was way out of his league. Unfortunately he was one of those guys who went bald before he was thirty. That’s why he wore the flat cap. When she went out into town with her friends on Friday nights he used to stalk her wearing a black wig ! Everybody knew it was him.
I could write a book. He was crazy.

Regards Tyrone
Fred Dibnah, maybe the most genuine character to appear on the small screen. Realty TV before there was such a thing.

Guy Martin another original character.
ya if all goes well you sleep in your bed that night ! if not its half a day with the undertaker !