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FREE - 3 small Yaskawa AC servo motors with drives and cables

Michael Moore

Jun 4, 2004
San Francisco, CA
14 years ago I bought my Tree 425 (TOS FV30) through a friend who was handling the machine tool stuff from the estate sale of one of his friends. The mill looked to have never cut anything, but the cabinet and console were partially gutted and it had three small Yaskawa AC servos on it. I was told that the deceased was an electronics/programming wiz who was designing his own touch-screen CNC control which was a "work in progress" at the time of his death so my presumption is these motors were for testing out the control/software. I replaced the small servos with some new and appropriately-sized DC servos and fitted a Centroid control and thought "maybe someday I can do a CNC conversion on some small mill or lathe and use these small servos". It is very obvious now that is never going to happen. :)

It is long past time to find a new home for the stuff. Three servos, three drives, three sets of long cables with Amphenol connectors and another coil of cables that may attach to the control side of the drives (or somewhere else, beats me). I presume it all works, but I've never put power to any of it as it was not an appropriate size for the mill so it should be considered to qualify as a pig in a poke.

Free to the proverbial good home. I'm in San Francisco and ideally someone local would drop by and pick the stuff up and cart it off. It all weighs about 65 pounds, and if I were to ship it (not at my expense!) I'd be going to the local UPS store and tell them to box and ship so I don't have to deal with it.

I've accumulated some digital Yaskawa literature that appears to be for this line of AC servos/drives which I'll pass along. Don't ask me for technical details because I'm not going to be able to answer those kinds of questions.

So if you've got some small automation project or CNC conversion or just like the thought of having a box of Yaskawa bits in your garage, here's your chance. The price is firm at FREE. If multiple people are clamoring to have it, the recipient will be chosen based on who can get it out of my garage as soon as possible with the least hassle for me.


ETA: I'd really like to avoid having to deal with shipping stuff I'm giving away, so that will be a last resort to move it out. If it is necessary, I'll do it, but that will only be after the ad has been up long enough for me to decide that no one local who can pick the items up is going to move on the offer. I thought I should make that even clearer than I did in the body of the ad so as to avoid raising false hopes. Thanks, M


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I've now got 3 people in the "must ship" queue. I'll wait a few more days (probably through the weekend) to see if someone local who can pick up the motors comes along and if not then I'll go to the top of the queue (jhov).

I'll repeat that I've never tested these items so what your packaging/shipping costs get you is unknown, which is another reason I was hoping for someone to pick them up so they weren't out of pocket if things don't work. But I suppose that if everything works fine paying the shipping costs will still make it a pretty good score.