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Free, DoAll bandsaw blade guides, and a box of misc. fasteners maybe for home shop


Cast Iron
Aug 1, 2010
missouri, USA
Ive got a selection of doall guides, 1/8-3/4. If anyone wants to send me 6 bucks to cover shipping/paypal fees, you can have them.

Also anyone recognize the cutting tools in the second pic, 3/16x3/16x 1 1/2" look like a factory made cutting tool. I got a big pile of them. If they were something in particular and someone needs them, I would sell some. If there just general cutting bits, maybe I will get a holder for them and use them on my lathe.

I sold a parts cabinet and need to reduce stuff I dont use, or just have too much of. bunch of random stuff, bagged up to keep seperate, some good stuff, some odd stuff. mostly new, some used, some new but dirty, tried to sort out any junk. It fills a large flat rate box to the rim. look at pics for an idea, this is a grab bag so dont ask me to detail everthing. look at pics for an idea. might be good for home shop to stock up a little on stuff. 18 for flat rate box, and 17 for me and to cover fees, so 35 shipped.
Nov 28, 2017

If there are any guides he doesn't need or are gross duplicates of, I'd gladly take the remainders. I'm bringing an old DoAll back to life and received only what the saw came with installed.


Jul 5, 2009
Munster, In. USA
Just basic HSS cutting tools. Nothing special as one can grind them for any ol' thing. these look to be left hand with lots of back rake and front clearance. Clamp them level.