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Free: two 20" band saw tires, new


May 15, 2008
Winona, MN, USA
Hi Group,

I have two essentially brand new 20" band saw tires. They are McMaster 4561A13 which is described as "Band Saw Wheel Cushion for 20" Diameter X 1-1/2" Wide Wheel" and "Reduce blade slippage and preserve tooth shape by placing one of these cushions on your band saw wheel. Also known as band saw rubbers and band saw tires, these 3/16" thick cushions are made of neoprene rubber. Install with glue, rubber cement, or rubber adhesive and trim width with a razor blade. Note: All are undersized by approximately 20% for a stretched fit."

One of my former employees bought them to replace the cracked tires on my Rockwell 20" band saw. But the tires never worked, since the Rockwell requires a special tire. So I pulled these off after about 30 seconds of rotation.

They are free for anybody that can use them. Just pay for the shipping. I can ship via priority mail, UPS, or Speed-Dee delivery. Send me an e-mail jj AT aprsworld DOT com or call me during the day at 507-454-2727.