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Freelancer seeking 3d design jobs(cnc,3d print)


Sep 25, 2014
I am a mechanical engineer with experience in cnc machining, 3d printing, mechanical design, etc. And I am a freelancer. My service:
1. Design mechanical products,including 3d model and 2d drawing;
2. Edit STL files for 3d printing;
3. Create dxf file for laser cutting;
4. Create 3d pdf file for your 3d model or products.
5. others related to mechanic and 3d printing.we can discuss that.
Hope to make a long term relationship.
If you need some help,please leave message or contact me here.


Mar 5, 2006
Subic Bay
Tell ya what, I have several shops in China I manage and I outsource a lot of programming. If you can provide me a Business registration, Cad/Cam Software user licence that shows you are not using stolen software, and a liability insurance policy showing that if your programming damages one of my machines you will pay for it Then I will consider using you.

I'm doubting you have any of the three but maybe you will prove me wrong.