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FS: 10" Logan Lathe T-slot Cross Slide and Saddle

M.B. Naegle

Feb 7, 2011
Conroe, TX USA
I bought these pieces years ago to use with my Logan model 200 and 820 10" lathes. I believe they came off of a model 400 hand feed turret lathe, but they worked with the 200 and 820 with no modifications, and likely will fit other Logan lathes of the same size. The saddle came with it and I never used. It has some typical way wear, but looks serviceable. The saddle has a set of the tin felt wiper holders and both underside clamps are there. Both castings have extra holes drilled and tapped in various places typical of old production lathes, and both have some surface rust from being in storage, but shouldn't be difficult to clean and refinish. The cross slide has its longer gib, but no nut or screw, however these pieces were the same as the ones on the 200 and 820.

I bought the cross slide just for it's ability to have a tool post on the back, which I used for chamfering and cut-off tools flipped upside down so you could use them without reversing the spindle. In the front I mounted an AXA tool post, and the long T-nut and spacer block for it are included, so all you would need is the tool post and a bolt.

I'd like to get $50 for the cross slide and $50 for the saddle, or happy to consider offers. Each piece will fit a large flat rate box, though I'll have to see if they would fit one together.
If you look real close there should be casting numbers on these, typically LA-xxx or LA-xxxx. The "LA" means "Logan Actuator" and then the x are digits. Those will help to figure out which lathes they will fit onto, if you can find them.
I'm not seeing a number on the cross slide, but it also doesn't have many rough-cast surfaces, so it could have been machined away. There's one under the saddle that's a little hard to read but looks like an "LA 369"?

I've got a few responses I'm replying to now, and I go by first-come-first serve, so these might be sold. I appreciate the interest, and will post as soon as a sale is finalized or if they're still available.
A note to the person who purchases these: a few hours in an Evaporust bath and the parts will look like new. It works great on cast iron with this kind of storage rust. Before it goes in the Evaporust bath, first wash the parts with dishwashing soap, hot water, and a scrub brush, to remove grease and oil.
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