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FS: 100mm CNC Rotary Table for Schaublin W12 and other Schaublin Items


Cast Iron
Apr 11, 2005
Nomad, USA (Curr. IL)
I have, with some reluctance, listed for sale my custom Sherline Industrial Products 8700 CNC Rotary Table modified to accept Schaublin W12 shanks / collets (clickable link to PM sale section):


This is one of my favorite tools. Grab it before I change my mind!

I also still have some Schaublin related items available:

3.125 in (78mm) 4-Jaw independent chuck on W12 shank (Sherline chuck on Schaublin shank).

2x Maprox W12 shanks for 100mm J-F style chucks

Set of metric W20 collets (Czech made Deprag) with stand

DC SWISS Schaublin W12 drawbar tap [Type N1210-3 SV 12 x 1.25]. This is the original Swiss Made tap, not a cheap knock-off.

I prefer to deal direct. I would rather help out a member here than get a quick sale on fleaBay.

You can PM me, but for a faster response contact me at: cinematechnic [at] mac (dot) com

OR send a text to seven eight six , five eight six , one two one zero (I'm on EST time)


8700 Complete.jpg