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FS 1992 FADAL 4020 - SE Michigan 48065


Sep 9, 2018
FS 1992 FADAL 4020 : Asking $4800 or Best

Looking to sell a 1992 Fadal 4020. Its a DC servo machine with inch ball screws, CNC88 Controller, 10k Hi/Lo High Torque spindle, and rigid tapping. The XYZ axis move quietly and do not make any alarming sounds. The spindle belts are noisy (I can confirm its the spindle belts because the spindle was fairly quiet before changing over to brand spankin new belts.)

Located in 48065, currently under power. I do not have a forklift capable of lifting, so you will need to hire a rigger.

This machine has been reliable for me over the past couple years though its no peach. Back in March 2022, I made a verbal agreement with a machine repair place who wanted to purchase this machine, fix it, and resell it. It's been 3 months of hemming and hawing without an official sale so I need to get this thing out of my hair.

They inspected the machine back in March, the guy who inspected it relayed to me.
Turcite was ok.
Ways getting good oil.
Table Gibstraps need to be replaced (some flaking of Turcite on the straps)
Oil lines on saddle need to be rerun and the lube manifold replaced (saddle and table were re-turcited at some point, whoever put it back together ran plastic lube lines instead of copper)
Backlash measured at 0.0005" in X, 0.0015" in Y, and 0.0010" in Z