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FS - 2017 UMC750 NGC 12k 40atc probes TSC


Feb 18, 2022
Model: UMC750
MFG Date: 2/1/2017
Voltage: 220
S/W verson:

Power On Hrs: 16494
Cycle Start Hrs: 8413
Feed Cutting: 6581
(will go up because we are still using it)

300PSI Through Spindle Coolant
40+1 ATC
Complete Wireless Probe System
High Speed Machining
Enclosure Exhaust
12k Spindle

This machine has made a lot of parts for us and we are a little on the fence getting rid of it but have our eye on a more high end pallet machine system. We do almost exclusively aluminum prototype stuff in this one. The higher volume and more hardcore materials go on our more hardcore machines. The pics are as it sits now. It could use a good cleanup but I figured everyone here knows the deal. No sense polishing it up just to make a sale. It's one of the first years for the NGC control. We've had the software updated a few times, mostly to sort out bugs that seem to be a standard deal with the NGC, mostly issues with probing routines. Everything has been fine since the last software update though. There have been other small mechanical quarks here and there but nothing out of the ordinary for a Haas. Post questions or inspection requests here. I guess DM me offers or post here. Not sure how that works. I will get videos of anything anyone wants.

-we can move it fast for the right price
-we can lock it down and pack it in house
-rigging is local and flexible
-on site inspection by appointment
-tooling and work holding not included

No dealers yet. We are trying to do this one direct for now. If it's slow going I'll consider brokering it out.


5 pic per post limit. I'll upload a few more in the next one