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FS: 3D scanning <> Artec Leo - Solutionix C500 - Dell Precision 7770 w/ Geomagic Design X


Jul 26, 2021
Been a member here for almost 2 years. I buy and sell parts and equipment
for almost anything all over the world.

I am located in South Carolina. Selling because the person I had to run
this moved and I do not have time to learn. Overall it has been barely used.

Equipment was bought from Digitize Designs in Greenville SC first of September
2022. They were at IMTS and Fabtech last year.

For sale:

Bought New
Artec Leo Wireless with Calibration board $3,400 option (new in box) comes with hardcase
fitted for storing battery and other items. Artec native software. This is a wireless
unit and can scan back to laptop near by without having cords connected to laptop.
Not great for scanning small items.

Used Demo Unit
Solutionix C500 with rotating turntable and lense kit. This was bought used
from Digitize Designs. It was there in house custom scanner for customers
wanting solid models created. This has the hard case for the turntable and a hard case for
the scanner and lens. Software is on flash drive. I believe this model was new
in 2017.

Listed on my invoice for Solutionix C500
Automatic Blue Light 3D Scanner with interchangeable projector and lenses.
Camera Resolution 5 megapixel. Field of view options: 90, 175, 350, and 500
mm with resulting point spacing 0.029, 0.056, 0.11, and 0.157 mm. Accuracy
± 0.01mm to ± 0.03mm .

Geomagic Design X - Maintenance date 9-1-23 (think I was told cost is $3,000)
or update just before and keep running without paying the fee.

Dell Laptop Precision 7770, new model. Has 128GB ram, 16GB graphics card.
It is the 17.3" model. New this cost me $6,905.00 from Dell and took about 45 days
to receive.

128GB, 1x128GB NECC 3600MHz DDR5 CAMM Module
Item number: 370-AHCF

Intel Core i9-12950HX, 30MB Cache, 24 Threads, 16 Core, 2.3GHz to 5.0GHz vPro
Item number: 329-BGZM

M.2 2280 1 TB, Gen 4 PCIe x4 NVMe, Solid State Drive
Item number: 400-BMPS
Additional M.2 2280 1 TB, Gen 4 PCIe x4 NVMe, Solid State Drive
Item number: 401-ACFK

Basic onsite service 36 months.

Will post pictures tomorrow. If anyone in Georgia or NC is interested I can deliver
it to you. If you are near SC send me a message if you want to stop by and check
it out.

My plan is to take everything to Digitize Designs in Greenville, SC. Have them inspect
equipment, make sure the laptop is clean from my use, and software is transferred
and loaded as if new.

Asking $75,000 OBO very close to this
I paid $83,655.00 for everything above. My loss is your gain

Part Cash/Part Trade for services are up for debate. I would be open to
- Injection mold tool design and build...S-7, hot drop system.
- Permanent mold tooling - less than 5 items
- Manufacturing sprockets and/or custom sheet metal work and bending

Any questions please send me a message.



Jul 26, 2021
$75k and not a single pix ?
Well, the pictures are delayed because my wife threw away a small wooden box with the calibration pins for the Solutionix C500. And I have no clue how to post pictures without downloading photobucket which hates my file size, and on my iphone it's not fun. Noob problems.

Here is link to C500 like one I am selling. Mine comes with hard cases.