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FS: Aloris AXA-T tool post, not very common


Nov 10, 2006
Southern California
FS: Aloris AXA-T tool post.

This has been sitting in my tool chest for years. It has not been mounting to a lathe as far as I know. It does have a few scratches from being in the tool box. The AXA-T was designed to be used on tracer lathes. The main difference between it and the more common AXA tool holder is the AXA-T is a bit taller and. It also has a removable handle and only one mounting dovetail. It also has a large spring pin on the bottom to orient the tool post to the T nut. But you can orient to a different angle and the spring pin just pushes in. Neat concept.

It should work on any appropriately sized lathe. I have included a couple of photos of the AXA vs. the AXA-T for comparison purposes but AXA is not included in this sale. I will probably put the AXA up forsale later in the week.

It looks like the AXA-T was only listed on the Aloris web page from 2010-2011. Here is the description from the web site.

Model AXA-T Tool Post

The super precision one dovetail tool post are especially designed for the tracer attachments. The knurled nut on the holder provides exact height adjustment, entirely eliminating the use of shims.

The maximum tool capacity for turning and boring is 1/2". Dovetail dimensions of this unit are the same as the AXA. For additional tool holders see AXA series.

Tool Post is supplied with removable handle. Holder is supplied with screw wrench.

My price: $185 + shipping. US sales only.