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FS American lathe, Harig grinder, Zoller presetter


Jan 27, 2006
Since the state of Illinois has decided to raise my taxes more, so we can support more deadbeats and over pay ex state employees through bloated pensions I have decided to sale all my surplus equipment. Here are 2 machines I had all intentions of keeping and one I bought to play with to learn how to use. I can load all machines. The Zoller is pick up only as I don't want to take the time to pack it up proper for shipping. Any questions just ask. The machines are located at my shop in Albion, IL.62806. Thanks Jason

(1) Harig 618 rollerway grinder. This is in great condition, as seen in pictures. The grinder is equipped with Walker 6x18 perm. mag. chuck. and Acu-rite DRO. I have the grinder under power in my shop. I bought this grinder a year ago from a stamping plant tool room that closed. Other then test grinding a block on the machine I have not used it, so it is time to go $3500.00obo.

(2) Zoller tool presetter. Model expert. This tool presetter came from local plant that closed that made fuel pumps, and water pumps. They used it to set tooling for there Hydramat machines. I bought it with intentions to learn how to use a presetter and hopefully use it to set my vmc tooling. I no longing see the need for this in my shop so it has to go. As seen in the pics the machine powers up, and that is as far as I have gotten. I was told by the guys running the hydromats that it did work. You are welcome to come and play with it to make sure it works. I want $850.00 obo.

(3)American Zip shift 16x54 style C lathe. I bought this with intentions of using this lathe in my shop from a local machine dealer that closed to move out of state(seems to be a common here). The lathe appears to be in excellent condition, and I do have a video of it running, as I have not powered it up here as it is 480 volt only and I am not sure my step up transformer is big enough to run it. The lathe is equipped with taper attachment,3 jaw, 4 jaw, faceplate and Aloris toolpost. Ways are excellent. This is one of the lathes I have always wanted, but don't really need. $10,900.00 loaded on the truck.

I have more pics, of machines, if interested, several more machines as surplus once these sale. Thanks Jason
That's a hell of a nice lathe, but too rich for me.

FWIW, I'll take the tax hike over the circus we've had over the last 2 years. My wife is a teacher and her school never knows if it's actually going to be funded. God help anyone who was in an IL university.
My wife is a teacher as well. We live 2 miles from Indiana, so we are considering a move to Indiana, were she can keep her job in Ill. and I can run the shop in Indiana.

What sucks is my wife is paying into the pension, but I am sure it will be broke by the time we are old enough to draw any.
I'm sure we are in the exact same boat. We have another 20-30 years before retirement, depending on how far they push it out by then.

I should have stayed in Wisconsin.
Yes we could on the Harig. Depending on what you want done, I my need a little for materials. Thanks Jason
New prices.

Harig Grinder $3250.00 , Zoller presetter $775.00, American lathe $10,000.00. These prices include loading on a truck. The Zoller is pick up only. The Harig and American could be shipped by truck, if you would need a crate built for the grinder I may need a little for materials for that. I can get more pics of the lathe, it has been cleaned since the posted pics were taken. Thanks Jason

Also if anybody knows of a free 3rd party hosting site please let me know, I would gladly post pics here if there is a site I could use. Thanks Jason
Here are some pics of the lathe if I got the uploader to work. Thanks Jason


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Here are pics of the grinder. Let me know if you need other pics. Thanks Jason


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Bottom dollar, Harig grinder $3000.00 picked up, Zoller $500.00 picked up. These are local pickup prices. Thanks Jason.

Edit, I can email pics of the Zoller to those interested. Thanks
Harig grinder buyer.. Wrap it up to keep road grit out of machine.
Some people pull the table on a ball-way machine..some don't...your choice
Drop the wheel on a wood block to take weight off down screw nut.
Secure table at center if not removing table top...
Not a bad idea to bolt it to a sound pallet.. then two strap the pallet.. plus chains or straps to hold it straight.
(I like to put a 2x4 in the pallet then a bolt through that so getting two pallet boards)
Don't move it about high off ground but keep it 2" or so off when moving it about.

Nice looking grinder

Yes it was a very nice grinder, wish we could keep it here for our shop, but I am preparing my business for a move unless the state of Illinois gets it act together soon. Thanks Jason
I wish one of you had the funds to, then it would be out of my shop. HA HA If it would help, I would take 1 to 3 bp's (depending on condition) or quality clones(no china made, no Enco,Grizzly etc.) on trade, must be variable speed and have working DRO's on them, as I have friends looking for them. Thanks Jason

Edit, would also take a nice lathe for Gunsmith work on trade as well as I have a friend looking for one of those.