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FS: CAMaster CR-508


Apr 11, 2015
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
2016 CAMaster Cobra CR-508 $21,000
Serial # 16047351
Approx. Wt. – 2500 Lbs. w/o blower.
Approx. Dimension: 12’L x 8’W x 6’H
Cutting Size (X, Y, Z): 61” x 113” x 8”
Electrical: 220V/3PH
3.9 kW 5.2HP HSD Spindle ER32
20HP Fuji Regenerative Blower (VFC904A-7W) w/ vacuum relief valve and muffler. Vacuum valve opens at 7.5” Hg. 570 CFM 200-230/460V/3PH
Allen Bradly starter (509-CJB-ES1-MS). Size 2

Purchased by previous owner from Equipment Hub in October 2020.
Equipment Hub replaced the WinCNC computer, software, control board, 3 servo drives and 3 servo motors (9-16-20).
The previous owner was never able to use the machine due to health reasons. I purchased the machine in August 2021.
The machine has been gone through extensively. The following is a list of things that have been done:
The gantry was turned around so the spindle is facing the end of the table where the vacuum valves are located. The machine now homes/parks to he back left side of the table.
Reconditioned the belt drives on the X and Y axis. Replaced the belts, some of the bearings and the all 3 pinion gears.
New Phoenix Contact commercial 24VDC/5A power supply.
New Igus Chainflex shielded power cable to the spindle.
New 5’ x 12’ x 1-1/2” MDF table top with eight vacuum grids. Room between the grids for T-Slots if wanted.
Added 5 ball valves and plumbing to the vacuum hold down grids. (5 zones)
Added a vacuum gauge to the manifold.
Added another Emergency Shutdown pushbutton and storage for the Z Zero touch off accessory to the front of the table.
Added a 120mW cross hair laser to zero X and Y. Easily seen in bright ambient light.
New 4’ x 8’ x 18mm Ultralight MDF for spoil board.
New fixed height dust pickup with removable brush head. 4” Hose.


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