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FS: Camelback Straight Edges


Feb 26, 2022
Driving to Florida April 1. Can meet on the trail.

12ft unknown. It does have a number stamp.
10ft B&S
6ft B&S $550
5.5ft Busch $500
5ft B&S $450
4ft Challanger $400
4ft unknown. $350 The back has been machined down to fit in a tight place I'd assume.

Location: Amherst Twp, Ohio 44001


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The 12' is interesting. I wonder if it was a made for a specific task, or made for a manufacturers in-house use? That or the 10' would be handy when I get to doctoring the ways on my plainer.

Kinda wish you were closer...
Id love to have the lot of them, but too far unfortunately.

If youd box them and take to a fastenall, id be interested
Anything can happen. All it takes is money. It would cost a good buck to ship them. Heavy.
Yeah, I looked with mild lust at Fireball’s welding table, but am happy with a re-purposed 3’x6’ layout cast iron table I bought from a friends closing sale.