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FS: Cincinnati Milling Machines Coolant Piping Overarm Brackets


Cast Iron
Jul 30, 2017
For Sale: coolant bracket parts to mount on underside of overarm on Cincinnati horizontal plain and universal milling machines.

The numbers stamped on the parts indicate that these were made for Cincinnati dial-type machines, sizes 2, 3, and 4 (see illustrations below from service and parts manual M-1790), although they may also fit other mills. The dimension between the points on the clamps (i.e. the dimension across the root of the dovetail on the overarm) is apx. 4-3/4".

Note that the clamp on one of the brackets was apparently broken and repaired by brazing.

100_1688.jpg 100_1689.jpg 22565.jpg 22565-2.jpg

$75 shipped CONUS. Payment by check or PayPal (+3% or F&F).