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FS: Cincinnati NMTB50 Helical Drive Gear 134602


For Sale: used Cincinnati NMTB50 helical drive gear p/n 134602

Not sure what mill or attachment this is used with, but it's a Cincinnati factory drive gear, stamped with p/n "134602" (barely visible stamped on the face of the gear in the first photo below). Based on the size of the gear, I'd guess it's for a No. 3 or larger mill.

Good condition, no broken teeth or gouging on the taper.

Taper = NMTB50 with 1"-8 drawbar thread
Number of teeth = 27
Outside diameter = 5.100"
Width of gear = 2.027"
Projection = 0.871" (distance from taper side of flange to backside of gear, use to match position of gear from column face on attachment)
Pitch diameter = 4.75"
Circular pitch = 0.55"

100_1677.jpg 100_1676.jpg 100_1675.jpg 100_1673.jpg 100_1672.jpg

Two identical gears available, both same condition. $100 each plus actual shipping. Payment by check or PayPal (+3% or F&F).
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