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FS: Cleerman 25" Box Column, Sliding Head Drilling Machine in Upstate NY


Dec 23, 2016
Oswego, NY USA
Heavy duty gear head drilling machine for sale. Speed range is 50 - 1000 rpm, automatic down feeds are 5 - 45 thousandths per rev. See spec sheet at link below for details. Machine is very clean and all features work as they should. Coolant pump works as it should but i don't use it due to the mess that coolant creates. 3" spindle with #4 MT. Table elevation works like a knee mill. Machine is super rigid and weighs in at 3150 lbs. The prior owner used hole saws and cut into the table a bit as can be seen in the pics. Doesn't really effect function but is certainly annoying. I would love to keep it but need to sell it to make room for a bridgeport type mill.

Link to pictures:

$2000 and I can load onto a trailer with an overhead crane.

PM me if interested and i'll send contact details.



Cast Iron
Jan 13, 2009
West MO
"The prior owner used hole saws and cut into the table a bit".......... maybe the owners shop; usually whoever paid for it not responsible for such marks of shame. A box column, 5hp 4MT for driving hole saws, I guess if that's what they had, smh.
A sub plate matrixed with tapped and dowel holes, within border of drain channel is a good remedy.

I'd be in your driveway right now, were it not having a more immediate list of must do's. Box column drills, another forgotten stalwart of production, sill viable with proper fixturing.
I built one for job c'sinking & reaming plasma cut latches, a palm sized stainless 'hook'. Before, they shuffled them over a table slot, of course plasma burr made them hard to handle that side down, for a rate of 160-180 pcs an hour.
My fixture doubled that immediately; with dexterous operators almost 3x the rate. The table and sliding head height, power feed trip, and great machine ergonomics played together real well, fixture optimized to minimize motions.
Another reminder of cheap unappreciative buzzards. You know, Toolmakers are overhead, unmarketable production labor.
Righty O! 10+ years later, it's still in use.