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FS: Delta DP-220 14” Bench Top Drill Press


Sep 16, 2011
Winston Salem, NC
Up for sale is a recently completed Delta DP-220 14” bench top drill press. Serial number is 55-4813 which dates it as 1947. It is a DP-220 head with high speed pulleys on both the motor and spindle. Measured speeds are 4980, 2444, 1258 and 650. Motor pulley has small chip in top step – does not interfere with function. Entire machine was disassembled, cleaned and painted.

The machine has new spindle bearings – I used standard 6202 5/8 bore bearings. Spindle nose run out is less than .001”.

The motor is a Delta 1/3 HP capacitor start single phase currently wired for 110. Motor was completely disassembled, cleaned and painted. Reassembled with new bearings. It has the Delta switch on the junction box with the on/off switch rod.

It has a new belt, tilt table (some arc of shame) depth stop and a new (used) return spring.

Based on what I have into this drill press, I am looking to get $250 for it but will certainly entertain any reasonable offers. Local pick up is preferred but I can assist with delivery within a reasonable distance of Winston Salem, NC for a small fee. I can also hold until arrangements can be made (indefinitely) with payment.

As a side note I have a Delta multi speed attachment for this machine that increases the available speeds from 4 to 12. I can offer this to a machine buyer for an additional $200. Multi speed pictures upon request.

Thanks for looking
DP220 14 Benchtop Front.jpgDP220 14 Benchtop Left.jpgDP220 14 Benchtop Right Rear.jpgDP220 14 Benchtop Serial Number.jpgDP220 14 Benchtop Switch.jpgDP220 14 Benchtop Table.jpgRick
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Bump to the top with an offer for delivery

Potential free shipping - I will be going to upstate NY (Syracuse area) in June and can bring this along. Route will be Winston Salem to Roanoke then 81 to Syracuse returning route 15 to Williamsport Pa then to Harrisburg then back down 81.

Thanks for looking