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FS delta Rockwell drill press parts


Jun 1, 2004
these are for the 17" - 600 model . head marked DP-600 . may fit others . price per main hard parts or assy. $ 25 to $100 plus shipping . except slow speed pulley and cover $200 . payment check or money order . shipping u.s.p.s. conus


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I am interested in the parts to raise/lower the head on the column. I believe they consist primarily of the collar and bearing for the column, the rack, handle/shaft with worm wheel, and gear that meshes with rack. My DP head is bored/milled from factory.
The DP head is marked DP600 but has a different belt guard. I believe it dates to the 1950s by serial number. Column dia is 3.5" and quill 2.25".
Jim [email protected]
i have one set of parts for that left . if your drill press has DP600 on the side of the head these are the right parts . if you look at the pic 026 you will see the parts set also there is a parts brake down pic 019 other then a roll pin for the worm gear and a fiber washer and set screw for the pinon gear shaft [vary minor parts] the only thing missing on this set is part #30 and a bushing or bearing that go on the worm gear shaft [they go between the handle and the worm gear] [in this pic you can see part #30 its the threaded ring on the shaft between the handle and worm on this last set its missing ] if your press has this set up on the table you can see what you will need . i took these parts from a set of gang production presses that were mounted on a table they came from the head but that was over 20 years ago so my mind may be a bit foggy about the details so if your a machinist and you have or can get on a lathe you can make the one or two parts ok now down to the cost $150 for the parts and we would have to see what way to go on shipping as the rack would be to long for uspo priority flat rate let me know thanks for looking


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the two sets of rack parts [ p/n 95 rack , 94 bearing , 96 collar , 27 , 28 shaft , gear ,29 , 31 shaft gear assy. and handle have been sold
sorry but i sold most of the parts ! i moved and all the parts i have are in storage at this time .