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FS: DoAll MP20 Bandsaw


Dec 21, 2005
Waukesha, WI
Turning 60 this year and looking to downsize the shop a bit. I’m selling this DoAll MP-20 bandsaw. This was DoAll’s top of the line saw back in the day. Hydraulic table feed, hydraulic table tilt, hydraulic band tension, hydraulic post adjust, and hydraulic blade speed. You get the idea. Three speed transmission. Two job selector wheels front and back. Has the standard blade guides on it, also comes with the high speed guides if you want to do wood, soft materials, or friction sawing. Also comes with a spare set of belts. Works great I used it for years. Wired for 440V. Forklift available loading is no problem. I can power it up and you can try it out. Located in Waukesha Wisconsin. $2,400

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