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FS: Donaldson Torit DB-800 downdraft table


Hot Rolled
Jan 7, 2012
st louis
Selling this downdraft table.
I bought this at online auction thinking it was all 110v and dummy didn't preview in person...
It's 460v three phase motor. 110v light. I can't use it. Probably could use filters.
I can load it or deliver within 100miles of St Louis.
Asking $1500


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I don't need it but swapping a motor to make this 120V single phase is probably not that tough or expensive (IMO more convenient than selling).
If you want to go this route post some pictures of the blower assembly inside the cover in the transformers and phase converters section and we can help you source parts.
If you bought it because you needed it don't give up so easily. Motors are falling out of the trees. Pull the info on the motor name plate. Frame size, HP, rpm, SF (why not) or post a clear picture of it. Your 460 motor is probably 230/460 so useful to somebody.