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FS : Gorbel G-Force 165lb balancer/hoist and two lifting attachments.


Cast Iron
Jan 7, 2012
st louis

I recently purchased a twin overhead beam traveling gantry system.
It came with two Gorbel hoists. This is one of them. Its the IQ model rated at 165lbs.
Im keeping the other to use in my shop with the gantry.
They are 220v single phase.
The gantry I have is about 12' off the ground. Im not sure how much extra cable is in this, so keep the height in mind.


Lots of info to be found on Google about these. Some here below along with a video:


Patented G360 deg collector and swivel assembly prevents damage to coil and/or optional air coil
Remote Mount Auxiliary I/O block mounted below the handle
Standard teachable virtual limits and speed reduction points
Standard dual virtual limits
Handle configurations are easily changeable in the field
Intuitive servo-controlled lift
Standard float mode capability
Standard coil cords with in-field add-on air hose
LCD on hand controller communicates more information like system status and diagnostics
Seamless operator present function by means of a photo sensor
Standard Input/Output functionality makes the product suitable for more applications out of the box
Ease of installation for reduced installation time & costs
Programmable inputs and outputs.

Ive never seen one until these came up. They seem really neat, especially the float mode.
Hard to find pricing on them new from a salesperson, best I could get was $10k-14k... Im looking for about 10 cents on the dollar.
Local pickup only please from just west of St. Louis. Im willing to drive 100 miles to meet if that helps.
Asking $1500. Any questions please feel free. I can provide more pics upon request.

Also have a vacuum lifting attachment and a clamping attachment. These were used in a solar panel factory to lift silicon ingots. Im sure they could be modified for other custom uses. I have the build/operation manuals for both.
With 18" of vacuum, the manual says the Vac lift is good for 242lbs with a 2.5:1 safety factor.
The clamping one is rated at 1000lb as you can see.
Asking $400/ea.