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FS - Haas belt-drive CAT40 spindle and 93-30-3415H TSC drawbar (with or separate)


Jul 6, 2006
Hillsboro, New Hampshire
Hi all,
I bought this roughly a year ago to rebuild it and keep it as a spare. My plans have changed, it's now available for sale. Please read through the description and review the pics (more available), and if you have any further questions please let me know. This is a you buy it, you own it sale - no backsies.

Housing and TSC drawbar - $545
Housing only - $425.
TSC drawbar only - $190 ($425 new)
All prices not including shipping or packaging materials. Drawbar is cheap to ship, housing ain't. If you're local you're welcome to pick up. Payment by check or Paypal as friend, or you cover PP fees (~3%).

1) Spindle housing is used and ugly, with corrosion spotting over much of the barrel and loss of black oxide coating. Also some hard deposits of dried oil and crud, but the main O-ring seal surface looks good (smooth, but a small bit of crud in places the ring didn't cover, should be removed before installation). The usual dings one would expect, mounting surface should be stoned before installation.

2) Spindle bearings are shot, with a moderate "notchy" feel when the spindle is rotated. I suspect brinelling, at the least I would not try using the spindle without replacement of the bearings. This can be done in shop if care and sense are used, but it's also possible to damage the new bearings if done wrong. If in doubt have a spindle rebuilder replace the bearings. There's Youtube and web links of people who've DIY'd it. I suggest a dressing of the taper after bearing replacement.

3) The actual spindle looks good, in much better relative condition than the housing. No corrosion or obvious taper damage, drawbar bore looks clean, the TSC drawbar was removed easily with no drama. If I didn't know that Haas does not sell spindle parts separately I'd have suspected an old housing with new spindle shaft that subsequently had a crash that porked the bearings. Minimal contact wear at dogs, no other signs of damage.

4) The drawbar is the high-force (1750-2100lbs) 13.025" OAL TSC version, and looks damn near new. It's a five-ball type, carbide insert at the top, with O-rings to seal against coolant leakage. New o-rings will be required to reinstall. Retaining clip is in good shape and included. Haas link: DRAWBAR, 40T TSC BELT DRIVE, 1750 - 2100 LB | Drawbar | Spindle | Spindle Head | Find Replacement Parts | Haas Parts | Genuine OEM Haas Automation(R) Parts Factory-Direct

4a) Please Note! Do not buy this drawbar if your machine does not have TSC! Length and force are incorrect for non-TSC machines. Some folks have tried converting non-TSC to TSC, not for the faint of heart (yer on yer own). There's also a longer (14.025") TSC drawbar, I do not know how to tell which one your machine needs (a call to your local HFO should confirm from your machine's serial number).

General notes: The drawbar was removed to check the belleville springs for any signs of cracking, but before I did that I took a toolholder with good taper and stud and install it in the spindle. It fit properly, drawbar worked as expected. The belleville springs themselves look excellent, with only a few showing the barest bit of contact wear from rubbing against the spindle bore. From the condition of the rest of the drawbar I believe it's essentially new, certainly not original to the housing.

Very light rust on surface of drive pulley, will not effect operation. Spindle likely came with greased bearings as there's an OEM-looking screw plug blocking off the oil-air port. Something I haven't seen with my older Haas machines is a smaller port (also sealed) right in the nose cap of the housing, roughly aligned with the lube port above it.

Again, please ask if there's anything else you'd like to know.